Service Cancellation Policy

  1. Our service is provided on a month to month basis. The service will continue until one party gives the other party written notice that it wishes to terminate the service and provides a termination date.

  2. You must terminate your service by completing the Innovation 360 service cancellation form below

  3. We will email you to confirm cancellation of the service.

  4. All data stored within a cancelled Innovation 360 service will be deleted within 30 days from the date you request your account to be cancelled.

  5. No reason need be given by either party for any termination of the service.

  6. The full month’s service fees will be payable for the month in which the service is terminated.

  7. If you require the use of your service after your nominated service cancellation date and this use includes a portion of the billing period that is after the termination date then you must pay the subscription for the following month on the 1st day of your billing cycle.

  8. If cancelling an AusDrive service the data stored in AusDrive can be downloaded prior to the cancellation of your service free of charge.

  9. If you wish to have your data provided on a external USB hard drive a fee of $110 Inc GST for up to a 2TB drive will apply (includes the provision of hard drive).

  10. Data provided on the external USB hard drive will be password protected and encrypted.

  11. A fee of $110 will be charged to transfer your data from AusDrive to the Hard Drive.

  12. A fee of $15 postage will apply.

  13. All fees are due and payable prior to the commencement of providing your data.

Service Cancellation Form