Management System

​What is a password management system?

A password management system like i360 Vault allows you to store your passwords in a secure Australian-based location and will populate your frequently accessed websites with the correct password via a secure web browser extension. No more keeping your passwords in text files or spreadsheets (or on pieces of paper).

i360 Vault stores your passwords in a centrally managed secure location. Perfect for businesses that need staff to maintain a set of passwords with full auditing capabilities.

Why would you want to move to using our service?

Secure passwords are essential for keeping sensitive data and key IT systems safe from hackers and other threats. If you’re re-using the same passwords across multiple accounts, or you don’t know who has access to which systems, your whole business could be at risk.

Help eliminate that risk with our easy-to-use password management service - i360 Vault.

Service Features


  • Save time with instant credential insertion—no more remembering lists of passwords

  • Centrally control employee access to systems, so only those who should be on critical systems have access to them

  • Easily terminate access to all systems following an employee’s departure

  • Track and record all system access to help meet compliance audit requirements

What does it look like?

you can access your i360 Vault via the web and via a mobile phone app

​Detailed functionality

General user level functions

  • Log into websites with a single click

  • Set up folders to organize passwords

  • Generate strong, unique passwords

  • View company-level passwords

  • View passwords unique to their operating group or business unit

  • Add and edit passwords for personal accounts—inaccessible to all other users, admins, and even our team

Admin user level functions


  • View audits and reports on password related activity

  • Terminate system access for employees who leave the company

  • Share approved passwords with our team automatically

  • Set up passwords to auto-expire and autogenerate strong, new passwords

  • Implement two-factor authentication (2FA) policies


$6.60 inc GST per month


  • No setup fees

  • No fixed term contracts


Example pricing for 3 users: $6.60 x 3 = $19.80 inc GST per month

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