How we help

i360cloud provides all the key cloud services your business needs
to communicate with staff and clients, protect your critical data and
access your software online securely.

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Business Email

Cloud Server





PC + Mobile Security


Why us?

We have developed cloud based services specifically suited to small Australian
businesses and in particular professional services firms that are looking for;

Australian based data storage

High levels of data security & privacy

Flexible contracts with no setup fees

Personalised support

Our services are focused on ensuring the highest level of data privacy, security and sovereignty.


Some recent client comments

“We moved to the i360 Cloud Phone service in July 2019 and have been very happy with the reliability, support and functionality of the service. It’s great to have the personalised service along with such easy to use cloud based phone technology. Would definitely recommend.”

David Young

General Manager

Medical Business Systems

"AusDrive was a real lifesaver recently when my computer crashed and would not start up. All my files located on the PC were also synced up to AusDrive so when I bought my new computer I simply re-synced all my files back to my PC from AusDrive. Previously I backed up manually and on a prior system issue lost one month worth of data which I had to re-enter.  This time the process was seemless and less stressful as all I did was access my AusDrive and simply downloaded the files onto the new computer. if I had not been using AusDrive I would have lost lots of files. Thanks AusDrive!”

Frank Ruta



"We much prefer working with the guys at i360 Cloud Phone services rather than having to deal with the large Telco we used to. . The personalised service and simple pricing is great while the functionality of the cloud based pabx provides us with all the features we need.  It's easier and better."

David Welch


Victor Eye Centre



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