About us

We are an Australian company helping professional services firms in Australia digitally tranform their business through the adoption of cloud services.


Our approach involves talking with you about your requirements and helping you make the right choices for you and your business - a truly personalised service.

Once the cloud technologies have been selected we then setup, configure and deploy these services for you and support you as you adopt them throughout your business.


Key service categories

Cloud Communications

Cloud services have expanded significantly into the business communications area replacing older technologies as well as introducing new opportunities.

Services include business email, telephones and web-conferencing.

Cloud Data Storage, Sharing and Backup

With web-based applications replacing on site servers, our Cloud services now allow you to store, share and backup your important business files.

Services include cloud based storage, file sharing tools as well as a range of cloud backup options.

Communications and Data Security

As more and more data is moved from your office and into cloud based services and your private communication is processed by third party providers its critical to maintain control and security in these two areas.


We offer a range of security tools including cloud email security, two-factor authentication, AntiVirus, PC security monitoring, Anti-Ransomware, Password Management and more.

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