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About us

​​i360 Cloud Services is an Australian company helping progressive businesses in Australia digitally transform their business through the adoption of cloud services - Innovating right through 360 degrees of your business!

Personalised service means unlike many other cloud providers we provide direct and personalised service in the lead up, implementation and ongoing use of your new cloud services.

Our 360 degree approach is unique as it involves taking the time to talk with you about your requirements and really understand how we can help you make the right choices for you and your business - a truly personalised service.

Our experience over the last 15 years working with small businesses means we can help you select the right cloud services for your business as well as manage the implementation and ongoing maintenance/billing for each service.

Our ongoing support means that once the appropriate cloud technologies have been selected we then setup, configure and deploy these services for you and support you as you adopt them throughout your business.

We offer our clients integrity, security, reliability and value in an industry that often forgets the human element of doing business.

Our Story

Our Beginnings

i360 Cloud Services was born out of the need our Habitat3 clients had to implement emerging cloud technologies in their businesses.

We knew they needed Australian based, flexible and secure cloud services underpinned by excellent support.

However, this was not readily available and so the management team at Habitat3 started i360 Cloud.

Our Vision

To help Australian small business owners achieve peace of mind knowing that their cloud business technologies are future proof, secure and well supported.

Our Mission

To work with individual clients every day to better understand their business and help them adopt appropriate cloud-based technologies to ensure long term success.

Knowledge Sharing

We believe we have a responsibility to share our knowledge with our clients to allow them to make the best decisions they can for their business.

We do this via e-Newsletters, Webinars, Blogs and one-on-one consultations. We are here to help you understand the key technology issues facing your business today and into the future.

The Future

i360 continues to innovate and to learn from our experiences and share those learnings with our clients.

We are the cloud technology partners of our clients and our focus is on evolving our services to meet client needs today, tomorrow and into the future.

How we compare with
other cloud providers

We offer

They offer

A true personalised service via phone calls, emails and more

A set of website FAQs and online forms

Australian based support staff

Offshore call centres

Australian based technical infrastructure and data storage

Infrastructure and data storage in unknown locations

Cloud services customised to Australian small business requirements

One size fits all often not suitable to Australian small business

Specialisation in working with professional services firms

No understanding of specific requirements for professional services

A holistic view of your business and cloud service requirements

No understanding of you or your business

An ongoing relationship with your business ensuring you always have the best service

Transactional relationship with a focus on getting you to sign up to ongoing fees

Innovation – we are always looking to release new services

Stagnant set of high margin services

A 360 degree approach – we take care of all your cloud service needs – we’ve got your back!

A simple menu of services that are made available for you to choose from

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