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Microsoft 365 Management Services
From $24 per month

Our Australian-based team will setup, configure and manage
your Microsoft 365 services

Choose the MS 365 package that's right for you.  Flexible monthly pricing means you're never locked in to a plan that doesn't suit your business

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Benefits of Microsoft 365


  • Users Can Work From Anywhere

  • Provides Robust Security And Reliability

  • Subscription-Based Payment Is Available

  • Teams And Users Can Easily Collaborate

  • You Receive Access To The Latest Programs

  • You Can Work With What You Know

  • Office 365 Features Mix And Match Plans

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft produces the market leading online business email, file storage and business application suite (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) available today - often called a collaboration suite of services.

Previously called Office365, Microsoft 365 provides a full range of cloud-based software and services for businesses - from start-ups all the way through to large corporations.

How we help

At i360 we are able to help you select the right tools from the Microsoft suite. From there we assist you by creating your account, setting up the new services and providing support in an ongoing way. We can also take over an existing set of Microsoft365 services.

Modern Office

Microsoft 365 Management

We setup, configure and manage
your Microsoft 365 services including:

  • Email

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook

  • OneDrive and Sharepoint

  • Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 Management

Plans & Pricing
(2 license minimum)

365 Email Only

$12 p/m per account

Microsoft's business grade email exchange service only

365 Business Basic

$14 p/m per account

Microsoft's business grade email

Web browser version of
MS Office software

Outlook, Word
Excel, Powerpoint & OneNote


MS Teams

Business Standard

Microsoft's business grade email

Desktop version of
MS Office software

Outlook, Word
Excel, Powerpoint & OneNote



MS Teams

Add-On Features


Two Factor Authentication


Microsoft provides a free Two Factor Authentication for all mailboxes and MS 365 accounts.

Cloud App Security

$4.90 p/m per account

Cloud App Security is AntiVirus in the cloud.

Malware, Viruses, Phishing and Ransomware emails are blocked before they even get to your PC.

Email and OneDrive

$6 p/m per account

Microsoft only offers limited backup services within the standard MS 365 plans.

We offer extended backups for your email and/or OneDrive data.

Setup Services

in Australia

We migrate your existing email data into MS 365 for $99 (one-off fee) per email account

We link your existing domain name to your new MS 365 account for $55 (one of fee) per domain name

We register and maintain your domain name for $3.30 p/m per domain name
(includes registration fees for .com and domains)

What makes us different?

Personalised support

Australian based

One stop shop for all small business cloud services