Cloud phones for small business

We replace your phone lines, on-premise phone system and your unfriendly telco with our cloud based phone system and awesome support team.

Make and receive business landline calls from your mobile – setup line hunts – transfer to internal extensions – initiate conference calls – individual voicemail and more.

We are proudly Australian owned and operated and all national phone call data remains within Australia

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Cloud Phones


  • VOIP Phone Lines

  • Full cloud-based PABX

  • Secure web-conferencing

  • Full reporting tools

  • Web-based controls for PABX

  • Use on mobile devices

  • Range of plans to suit your requirements

What is a cloud phone system?


A cloud phone system replaces your copper phone lines and physical phone system with Internet based technologies providing for phone line rental and call costs plus PABX functionality like transferring calls, hunt groups and digital menus.

How we help
​Your old phone system and Telstra phone lines (PST lines) are replaced with our cloud based service.  We use Internet based phone lines and phone management software to provide your phone system, which is hosted in a secure Sydney AWS Data Centre.

You can receive, transfer and make calls from your business landline by using your mobile phone and our app.  Plus, manage your phone system via a web portal and through our Australian based support team.

All phone records data is retained within Australia at all times.


Access your office phone wherever you are

Transfer calls to colleagues

No more Telstra

Use mobiles rather than handsets

Personal helpdesk support

Free setup and configuration

We port your old number



Manage your phone's features including menu based incoming call routing, internal extension transfers, conference calling, voicemail control, hours of operation management and more.


Manage features via the PC or mobile app - making for more intuitive functionality


All your typical phone system features are available including;

menu based "digital

reception" for incoming calls


setup incoming calls to ring on different lines until answered


change your "hours of operation"


auto-forward an extension


voicemail & hold music


centralised phone directory


see data about incoming and outgoing calls made to and from your business. - detailed call logs can be provided on request. Invoices are also clear and well laid out for simple processing.


Continue to use your business phone numbers - port across  existing numbers


Setup audio and video conferencing as and when needed on your PCs or mobile devices to allow for online meetings. Benefits include:

end to end encryption

regional hosting choice

video & audio only available within meeting sessions

powered by 3CX WebMeeting

up to 25 concurrent  attendees

Plans & Pricing

Pay As you Go line

  • Call charges to Landlines: 10.6c flag-fall (unlimited talk time and unlimited outgoing calls)

  • Call charges to Mobiles: 16.5c per minute (no flag-fall, charged per second)

  • 1300 numbers: 38.5c flag-fall (unlimited talk time)

  • 13 numbers: 38.5c flag-fall (unlimited talk time)

  • International timed calls (vary per country - full listing available on request)

$7.70 p/m

per line

$44.00 p/m

per line

​​Unlimited talk time capped line - $44 per line

  • Landlines:  No flag-fall (unlimited* talk time and unlimited outgoing calls)

  • Mobiles:  No flag-fall (unlimited* talk time and unlimited outgoing calls)

  • 1300 numbers:  35c flag-fall (unlimited talk time)

  • 13 numbers:  35c flag-fall (unlimited talk time)

  • International timed calls (vary per country - full listing available on request)

    * Fair Use Policy - Fair use policy includes 550 minutes to local, national or mobile calls per line. When purchasing more than one line the fair use policy is aggregated together. Charges may apply if the fair use policy (550 mins per line) is exceeded.

Standard Phone numbers

  • Existing numbers you use right now can be moved over to the cloud service

  • Standard Australian numbers which callers can reach you

  • Setup to call a group of phones/staff or a centralised reception

  • Each plan has a minimum of one phone number attached to it

  • You can have more phone numbers than you have phone lines

$2.20 p/m

per number

1300/1800 numbers

  • Per minute incoming call charges apply

  • Prices vary depending on the type of call (eg. mobile/landline etc)

$22.00 p/m

per number

Extensions - $0 per extension

  • Extensions separate to lines or numbers and can be used for internal calls

  • Extensions can also be used for putting calls through to other staff


Hosting & Support

Our Australian-based team can provide detailed call logs upon request so you can see data about incoming and outgoing calls made to and from your business. Invoices are also clear and well laid out for simple processing.


per month

Setup Fee

We deploy your new cloud-based phone system and assist you to configure it to meet your requirements. We also help you to setup your phone system apps.



Recommended USB Headsets to connect to PC
Use unlocked mobile handsets

If you would like to access a single handset (eg at reception) rather than a personal phone then a simple unlocked mobile phone handset running the i360 Cloud Phone app will allow you to make, answer and transfer calls and more!  ​Just connect it to your modem's wifi and make and receive landline calls.  See range at Officeworks

Learn more...

Why would you want to move to a cloud phone service?

The main reasons firms are moving to cloud phone services is to:


  • save money

  • remove the need to deal with large telcos (eg. Telstra)

  • improve and expand the functionality and flexibility of the phone system itself

  • use the same system across multiple offices and devices including mobiles/tablets

  • ensure your business presents professionally when you receive incoming calls

​​What makes the i360 cloud phone service unique?

Our personalised support and billing services as well as the ability to provide additional integrated cloud based products for your small business makes our service unique. Our service is very reliable due to our use of large scale cloud providers like AWS to underpin our services. Our technology is all based in Australia and so is our support and management teams.

​​​​​​What do you need to use a cloud phone service?

All you need is a reliable internet connection (eg. ADSL/NBN/4G) to use the cloud phone system.

​​​​​Can you use Soft Phone apps to replace your old handsets?

Today's Soft Phone apps replace old physical handset hardware which allow you to use your phone lines and extensions to communicate with external and internal parties. All controls including making, receiving and diverting calls are completed within the PC application making for intuitive functionality.

The i360 service is a complete cloud solution meaning that you can operate your hosted PABX without problematic old handsets.  Soft handsets are better than old physical handsets because:


  • Physical hardware can break down and not allow staff to send/receive calls

  • Soft Phones are mobile and can allow staff to take their landline/extension with them when out of office

  • Physical handsets are expensive to buy and maintain

  • Soft Phones allow for an app to be installed on any internet connected PC/mobile device turning that device into a phone

  • Physical handsets are more costly to install and setup as they often require integration into your network

  • Soft Phones take minutes to setup and do not involve any network or hardware changes to be made

  • Soft Phones work on mobile handsets as well as your PCs and Tablets to give you maximum flexibility and efficiency.

If you prefer a physical handset, you can purchase a cost-effective mobile handset without a sim/plan and use it by connecting it to your wifi network.

Set-up includes:

  • We will call you and discuss your requirements

  • We will analyse your current phone bill

  • We will provide a written quote on the plans/services we recommend

Reviews from clients using our services

“We moved to the i360 Cloud Phone service in July 2019 and have been very happy with the reliability, support and functionality of the service. It’s great to have the personalised service along with such easy to use cloud based phone technology. Would definitely recommend.”

David Young. General Manager - Medical Business Systems

"We much prefer working with the guys at i360 Cloud Phone services rather than having to deal with the large Telco we used to. . The personalised service and simple pricing is great while the functionality of the cloud based pabx provides us with all the features we need.  It's easier and better." 

David Welch, Director - Victor Eye Centre

"We have found the i360 Cloud Phone service to be very user friendly and I particularly like that I can call any staff member direct now rather than calling the office number and having to be redirected. I also like that regardless of where I am working from, I can call out from the office line."

Renee Cooper, Director - Indepth Advisory

“Locale Travel has used i360cloud for our shared, cloud file system for a few months. It is a great product.  Files hosted in Australia.  Response fast.  Files can be restored if accidentally changed/deleted.  Files can be opened simultaneously, but are managed so users cannot overwrite each other.  (another well known, expensive cloud file system I used would trash files if multiple users opened).  We don’t need to sync files to the PCs, we all just share, save, update files in the cloud.  i360cloud subscription costs are fair and simple.  Support (when I needed once!) was very quick.  Honestly, we are very happy to have decided on i360cloud.  The negatives I found in other products I used prior were not present in i360cloud.  That is why we migrated to i360cloud.”  
Dan Hoff, Director of IT - Locale Travel Management, Australia

"i360cloud was a real lifesaver recently when my computer crashed and would not start up. All my files located on the PC were also synced up to i360cloud so when I bought my new computer I simply re-synced all my files back to my PC from i360cloud. Previously I backed up manually and on a prior system issue lost one month worth of data which I had to re-enter.  This time the process was seemless and less stressful as all I did was access my i360cloud and simply downloaded the files onto the new computer. if I had not been using i360cloud I would have lost lots of files. Thanks i360cloud!”
Frank Ruta, ​Director - FinMark

Medical General Practice using our security services

Heath Hub Eaton Fair - Craig Hookham

"i360cloud is the easiest backup service I have used.  It performs a backup of only new or changed files and stores them in Australia rather than overseas.  The data is easily accessed via the web so I can access my files anywhere as long as I have internet connection.  I used to use Sugarsync and Dropbox but having a local service that stays in Australia means I have switched my business files straight away. I couldn't be happier with i360cloud .  It makes working with clients at their premises that much easier to do." 
Craig Sheridan, Director - CKP Accountants

​​​​Audiology Clinic using our security services
Celtic Coastal Hearing Services - Catriona Slade

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