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A Case Study

Victor Eye Centre – A Case Study
"We much prefer working with the people at i360 Cloud rather than having to deal with the large Telco we used to use.  Sorting solutions is easier and less stressful as each person at  i360 knows what to do.  We are very happy with this for now and in the future.

Victor Eye Centre

The Client


Victor Eye Centre was launched in 2017 by optometrists David Welch, Phil Clem and Elise Pocknee.  Collectively David, Phil and Elise have a wealth of experience in providing quality eye care and vision services in rural communities.

They believe in good vision for life and aim to work in partnership with their patients throughout their lives, taking the time to listen to what they say and drawing on their experience to see what patients don’t.

Their aim:  “To ensure that patients’ vision allows them to do exactly what they need or love to do every minute of every day”

They take pride in the fact that whilst they sell beautiful glasses, first and foremost they are there to provide awesome eye health care; from birth to twilight years.

Victor Eye Centre is proudly independent, and family owned. In addition to the Victor Eye Centre the optometrists operate independent practices in Port Lincoln, Whyalla and Ceduna.
The Problem
Victor Eye Centre had a single line phone system that worked through their fibre to the premise NBN connection.  However, it was unreliable and at times the team couldn’t’ even make the phone answer an incoming call.  Numerous attempts with the previous Telco failed to provide a consistently workable solution.  Often when calling the Telco the call would be redirected more than once to talk to the right people.
Victor Eye Centre simply wanted a reliable service.
The Solution
Our client was offered the i360 cloud-based phone service that offered more features, better reliability and superior support.
The Key Facts
Working with the Victor Eye Centre we were able to custom design a solution to specifically fit their needs. Our client wanted easy access to support and a reliable service.

Our solution actually provided far more options, some of which they didn’t know existed but would no longer choose to be without. 

The process to get there was:


  • Understanding what was wanted and resolving any concerns

  • Set up and configuration of the service to specifically their practice

  • Allowing our client to test the services before moving them across and going live- this we very important to them as no business can manage without a phone

  • Helping to trouble-shoot and fix any teething problems as they went live, but more importantly being available to do this without stress.

  • Introducing new features for the cloud phones over time e.g. any staff member can back up the system with their mobile if needed.

Using i360’s PC security service, Cloud storage service and remote private cloud server with Habitat3 gave Victor Eye Centre the confidence to try our cloud phone system.
The Results

Victor Eye Centre is happy- the phone works and their system can be better managed. They literally have more options than they can use.

Patient’s voicemail messages go straight to the practice email and can be played back any number of times.  Incoming faxes go straight to an emailed PDF- no more multiple page documents to float around the practice.

These more functional systems allow the business to do what it wants to - focus on their clients.
The Future
This client is an advocate of our services and is be open to using more of our services. They see value in the services they are currently using from i360 Cloud.

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