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Microsoft 365 Backup

From $6 per month

Extend the simple backups offered by Microsoft by backing up your MS 365 Email and OneDrive data permanently with limitless history.

Microsoft's 14 day backups allow you to restore emails and data stored in OneDrive within 14 days from when it was deleted. After that - the data is gone forever. 


For many Australian firms that is simply not good enough.

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At a glance

  • Backup your Microsoft 365 OneDrive and Email 

  • Store backup data in Australia

  • Complete backups 6 times a day

  • Store limitless numbers of backup versions

  • Includes Email, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, OneDrive and Sharepoint Data

What is Microsoft 365 backup?
Our backup service ensures all your Microsoft 365 information contained within Outlook and OneDrive is backed up in Australia and stored permanently (or for as long as you need it).


Ensuring data is retained for extended periods is often a requirement of Australian professional service firms and other businesses.


How we help


We setup our cloud based backup tools to connect to your Microsoft 365 data and back it up to our Australian data storage.

You can restore a deleted email months and/or years from the date you backed it up ensuring that whenever you discover it is missing it will be available to restore.

​All backup functionality is fully supported by the i360 team and all data is retained within Australia.


The service can be applied to all or just some of your Microsoft 365 accounts.

All data kept within Australia

Encrypted storage

Encrypted in transit

Fully supported & secure

Monthly subscription

No lock-in contract

Local helpdesk support


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Microsoft 365 Backup

$6 per month per Microsoft 365 Account


What makes us different?

Personalised support


Australian based

One stop shop for all small business cloud services

Reviews from clients using our services

“Locale Travel has used i360cloud for our shared, cloud file system for a few months. It is a great product.  Files hosted in Australia.  Response fast.  Files can be restored if accidentally changed/deleted.  Files can be opened simultaneously, but are managed so users cannot overwrite each other.  (another well known, expensive cloud file system I used would trash files if multiple users opened).  We don’t need to sync files to the PCs, we all just share, save, update files in the cloud.  i360cloud subscription costs are fair and simple.  Support (when I needed once!) was very quick.  Honestly, we are very happy to have decided on i360cloud.  The negatives I found in other products I used prior were not present in i360cloud.  That is why we migrated to i360cloud.”  
Dan Hoff, Director of IT - Locale Travel Management, Australia

"i360cloud was a real lifesaver recently when my computer crashed and would not start up. All my files located on the PC were also synced up to i360cloud so when I bought my new computer I simply re-synced all my files back to my PC from i360cloud. Previously I backed up manually and on a prior system issue lost one month worth of data which I had to re-enter.  This time the process was seemless and less stressful as all I did was access my i360cloud and simply downloaded the files onto the new computer. if I had not been using i360cloud I would have lost lots of files. Thanks i360cloud!”
Frank Ruta, ​Director - FinMark

Medical General Practice using our security services

Heath Hub Eaton Fair - Craig Hookham

"We much prefer working with the guys at i360 Cloud Phone services rather than having to deal with the large Telco we used to. . The personalised service and simple pricing is great while the functionality of the cloud based pabx provides us with all the features we need.  It's easier and better." 
David Welch, Director - Victor Eye Centre

"i360cloud is the easiest backup service I have used.  It performs a backup of only new or changed files and stores them in Australia rather than overseas.  The data is easily accessed via the web so I can access my files anywhere as long as I have internet connection.  I used to use Sugarsync and Dropbox but having a local service that stays in Australia means I have switched my business files straight away. I couldn't be happier with i360cloud .  It makes working with clients at their premises that much easier to do." 
Craig Sheridan, Director - CKP Accountants

“We moved to the i360 Cloud Phone service in July 2019 and have been very happy with the reliability, support and functionality of the service. It’s great to have the personalised service along with such easy to use cloud based phone technology. Would definitely recommend.”
David Young. General Manager - Medical Business Systems


​​​​Audiology Clinic using our security services
Celtic Coastal Hearing Services - Catriona Slade

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