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On a Video Call

Secure business web conferencing
From $35 per month

Our secure web conferencing means your business meetings stay private

  • end to end encryption

  • regional hosting choice (eg. Australia)

  • video & audio only available within meeting sessions

  • powered by 3CX WebMeeting 

  • up to 25 concurrent meetings attendees

Call 1800 382 580 to learn more.

Private Web Conferencing
Secure your meetings across the Internet

Features & Benefits

Click “Schedule Conference” in the Web Client menu, select your options and fill in the information about the meeting. You can also choose which calendar you would like the meeting to be applied to.​



$33 p/m

Instantly share conference calls & video meetings from the Web Client menu.  Click the link icon to copy the meeting room link and share it with participants via email or chat.

When you’re invited to a video conference, you will receive an email invitation with all of the meeting information. To join, click on the meeting link. You can also join meetings from your smartphone with the 3CX WebMeeting apps for iOS and Android.

Advanced Features

  • Toggle audio and video on/off

  • Record the meeting and end the meeting. There are additional advanced features to enhance your meetings and make the experience more collaborative.

  • Screen sharing - Share your whole screen or a single window, browser tab, or application.

  • Share PDF - Upload, preview and share PDFs. All uploads are saved automatically in the “Shared Documents Repository”. Simply double click a document to share it; participants can then interact with the document using the toolbox at the bottom of the screen.

  • Whiteboard - Ideal for brainstorming or online classrooms; collaborate in real-time with the drawing and text tools.

  • Start a poll - Want to gather opinions and feedback quickly and efficiently? Create a poll for your participants.

  • Share files - Organizers and presenters can share files up to 64MB each by clicking on the file share icon or dragging the file into the chat panel. All participants can open and save shared files.

  • React - Offer feedback with reactions by clicking on the hand icon.


Click2Meet is a unique URL that you can share with customers, partners or colleagues, just like your office phone number, for an easy and free way to contact you. When someone requests a WebMeeting via your unique URL, you will be notified by email or chat. All you need to do is click on the URL sent to you to accept the request and enter the meeting.


As a conference organizer you can assign rights and roles to participants in order to make meetings more efficient and allow all users to contribute effectively. By clicking on the attendee’s name you can:

  • Assign them the role of Organizer, Presenter, or Participant.

    • Organizer: has full control of the meeting and can use all the available features including accept, reject or kick out users except for the meeting creator.

    • Presenter: can share screen, reply to remote control requests, create polls, and share files and PDFs.

    • Participant: can participate, reply to remote control requests and polls, and open shared files.

  • Kick a user - Remove users from the meeting. Kicked users can re-join meetings at any time.


You can easily access the 3CX WebMeeting settings by clicking on the icon on the right sidebar menu. Here you can customize Audio, Video & Network options.

i360 Web Conferencing uses 3CX WebMeeting technology combined with  the hosting of each client’s conference management server in Sydney’s AWS DataCentre.

What makes
the service secure?

Unique web addresses
Our service generates unique web addresses for your conferences due to conferencing management software being privately hosted - one per client.

Meeting encryption
We ensure data transmissions between the meeting participants is encrypted end-to-end to prevent any 3rd parties intercepting the communications.

No in-app surveillance
We ensure that all transmitted video and audio data are only available within the relevant meeting session and accessible only to meeting participants.

Personal information kept secure
We do not release any of the personal information (eg. names, email addresses, meeting titles etc).

3CX technology

Our service connects to the 3CX WebMeeting technology which has proprietary software (MCU) running in the data centers around the world that it uses to forward video, audio and other signaling to and from users using 3CX WebMeeting.

All video, audio and signaling is secured using standard methods of encryption that are constantly kept up to date as necessary. Transmitted video and audio data are only available within the relevant meeting session and accessible only to meeting participants i.e. Platform Admins and/or others do not have access to this data. Platform admins do have access to identifiable signaling data to troubleshoot platform issues on demand, monitor and ensure the smooth operation of the platform.

Learn more about 3CX privacy

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