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Secure Cloud Backups for your critical data
Includes: Files, Databases, PC & Server Backups

From $32 per month

Are you looking for a backup solution that backs up your data in Australia?

Perfect for businesses that need to comply with Australian data sovereignty legislation.

Call 1800 382 580 for a free quote.

Cloud Data Backups


Packages include:

  • Files and Folder only

  • Full Windows Server operating system

  • Live SQL Database backups

  • Full Virtual Servers

Features include

  • All data kept within Australia

  • Encrypted storage

  • Encrypted in transit and at rest

  • Fully supported & secure

  • Monthly subscription

  • No lock-in contract

  • Local helpdesk support

What is a cloud backup?
Our cloud data backups use specialist software installed on your PC or Server to create a copy of your data/database/server on a set schedule you create and send that copy to our Australian DataCentre.


How we help


We provide both the backup software and the Australian based cloud storage it connects to.

Backup data from your PC, Server, Database, Email system or even OneDrive.

Our Australian based Cloud Backup service is perfect for those firms looking to ensure their backed-up data remains within Australia at all times.



Plans & Pricing

backup cloud.JPG

Files & Folders


Backup files & folders - ideal for simple backing up of your documents

$32.00 p/m


  • 200GB storage

  • 1 device protected

  • additional device $14

windows icon.JPG

Full Windows Server


Backup your complete Windows operating system including files & folders

$32.90 p/m


  • 200GB storage

  • 1 device protected

  • additional device $16


Full Windows Server +
SQL Database


Backup live SQL Databases with your server operating system, including files & folders

$35.00 p/m


  • 200GB storage

  • 1 device protected

  • additional device $18


Virtual Servers


Backup active Virtual servers (server operating system only) including live SQL Databases, Windows OS, files & folders

$48.00 p/m


  • 200GB storage

  • 1 device protected

  • additional device $25.00


Additional storage

$17 for first additional 200GB increment
$12 for each additional 200GB after that

Example: 2TB of Files and Folder Backup
(1 x $32) + (1 x $17) + (8 x $12) = $61 inc GST per month

We can also setup and maintain unlimited backups of your Office 365 account including Outlook, Contacts and Calendars.  Learn more >>

How it works

Control your own backups

The backup/restore management client (shown below) allows you to create schedules,

retention policies, file selections, restore requests and more.

Call us on 1800 382 580 to ask about the best backup plan for your business.



Get a


What makes us different?

Critical business data is backed up and available at all times


Month to month service – no lock-in contracts

Australian based team provides personalised service & support

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