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i360 Cyber Security - Data Encryption
From $9 per month

​​Data encryption is a security method where information (eg. word doc) is encoded and can only be accessed or decrypted by a user with the correct encryption key (often in the form of a password).

Cloud-based file and folder encryption is the latest form of encryption and massively increases the security of your data because you control who can open your files - no matter where they are located.

We provide and setup the cloud-based service - SmartEncrypt  so you can lock/encrypt your files where-ever they are- in the cloud or on your local or hosted server. Encryption is the ultimate layer of security because even if files are stolen they cannot be opened without the decryption key.

Features include;

  • Stop staff taking data with them when they leave

  • Cloud-based allows you to control all files from a central location

  • Files are easily opened in the associated programs after encryption

  • Encrypts all file types

  • Encrypts any file size - unlimited

  • Encrypting data meets many regulatory/legislative requirements

  • Encryption is "persistent" - no matter where a file goes it stays locked

  • File extensions and Windows icons remain after encryption

Take your security to the next level with data encryption!

Key benefits

  • Keep your data from being accessed even if its stolen

  • Corporate level security at small business prices

Call 1800 382 580 or Live Chat to learn more.


What makes SmartEncrypt different?

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