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Cloud is the way to go - but how easy is it to move to cloud services?

We all know that cloud services are generally easy to use but is it as easy to move from your traditional IT to cloud based alternatives?

The answer is both yes, and no – it really depends on the type of cloud service you choose to use. Cloud services are typically offered in two ways or models – self-serve or fully supported.


Self-serve models expect you to have internal IT resources/skills or have an external IT consultant who would manage everything for you. Examples of self-serve cloud services would include Microsoft365, Amazon Web Services or Google’s business cloud services.

Using these services with no IT expertise can be very difficult and daunting and the risk of overpaying or not receiving the features you need is high.

Fully Supported

Fully supported cloud services are generally provided to larger organisations who can pay large project implementation fees to the cloud provider to ensure all requirements are met for an agreed monthly fee – an example would be a large scale Salesforce implementation.

But what about small businesses with smaller budgets? Are there providers out there offering small businesses a similar fully supported cloud service?

Yes, i360 Cloud Services is an all Australian provider that has a focus on providing fully supported services to small businesses which includes helping you move to the cloud.

With i360 you do not need any other IT services providers – they do it all.

The key ingredients you need from your provider to ensure a successful move to the cloud are:

  • Planning – i360 works with you to understand which features are required

  • Project management – i360 ensures timelines are set to allow a successful “go live”

  • Testing – i360 ensures everything is correctly setup to meet your requirements

  • Post implementation support – i360 is available to assist once you start using the service


Moving to cloud services can be easy (efficient and cost effective) if your service provider is the right fit for you. If you are a small business looking to take advantage of the cloud but are unsure where to start finding a cloud service provider that offers a fully supported service is the way to go. They will look after everything for you and make sure you get what you need at the right price with no down time or hassles during the transition.

To talk with a cloud service specialist at i360 about your requirements today please visit:



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