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The top 7 little known features offered by today’s cloud phone systems

Although the i360 cloud phone system offers many features found in traditional systems, we thought you might like to see our top 7 little known cloud phone features.

  1. Use it to send internal text chat messages to colleagues as well as make your internal calls

  2. Send web links to allow people to click to initiate a text chat, phone call or video conference

  3. Receive voicemails direct to your email as an attachment – or have them sent to a shared email or group of people (eg. sales team)

  4. Setup personal contact lists for each staff member for easy dialing and caller ID and setup a shared company-wide contact list that can only be edited by nominated staff

  5. Create your own marketing/advertising content to play when callers are on hold

  6. Manage your own digital reception service – callers are verbally prompted to choose from a menu of options to go through to a specific extension or a group of extensions - either via a priority line hunt or ring all extensions at once

  7. Setup a schedule of standard office hours and modify your digital reception to suit. For example, outside of hours callers are directed to voicemail or to an after-hours answering service. Also, setup an annual schedule of holidays and create and play specific messages related to that holiday period.

Bonus Feature - call flow application

An exciting new feature allows you to program the cloud phone system to interact with the caller and complete tasks associated with their choices or status. For example, you can have the system check if an incoming caller is listed in the company wide contact list - if they are then they are directed to account managers, if they are not they are directed to the sales team.

The phone options now available to small business rival some of the biggest and most expensive systems the big corporations use. This saves time, saves money and offers clients better service.


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