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Our top 10 list of Security Do's & Don'ts

Our top 10 list of IT security do's and don’ts to keep your business data safe!

TOP 10 DO's

Make sure you:

  1. Have a PC security service that includes Anti-Virus AND Anti-Ransomware

  2. Use Mobile phone Anti-Virus

  3. Get Cloud security for your email

  4. Use a password manager to keep all your passwords secure

  5. Use a strong password generator like to create passwords

  6. Double check how strong your passwords are at:

  7. Use Cloud backup for your email, files and databases

  8. Complete some basic Phishing Awareness training like

  9. Have Two-Factor-Authentication for everything possible from Xero to Email to PC or Server access

  10. Use data encryption whenever possible


Make sure you don’t:

  1. Use simple passwords

  2. Give your passwords to anyone for any reason

  3. Leave your files on your PC

  4. Write your passwords on post-it-notes

  5. Make up your own passwords

  6. Leave your mobile phone unprotected

  7. Forget to setup Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware on your PC

  8. Forget to ensure your data is backed up every single

  9. Assume your cloud providers are protecting your data – read their Ts and Cs to double check

  10. Don’t use the same password for every website. If one gets hacked, all your logins are vulnerable



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