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How can offering personalised service help your business?

When clients receive personalised client service they take note and remember you when planning their next purchase!

In a recent study 76% of respondents stated that they believe that customer service is a direct representation of how a business values them. Add to this that 55% of customers are willing to pay more if they receive better service during and after a purchase, and there is strong case to argue that providing a more personalised service will improve profitability.

Regardless of the product or service we provide. Regardless of whether we service B2B or B2C. Regardless of whether we ‘sell’ in person or online. Personalised customer service is at its core human, and is paramount to ensure a great customer journey, building relationships and encouraging repeat custom and advocacy.

What is personalised customer service?

Personalised service refers to delivering customised services designed to meet the exact needs and wants of your customers. It ensures that your customer can feel more connected to your business as they receive a tailor-made solution to their problem. Personalised customer service, when done right, leaves your customers with a sense of satisfaction in their dealings with you.

Personalised client service in practice at i360 Cloud Services

Cloud services firm i360 provides personalised client service and sees it as a key point of difference. Creative solutions can be proposed rather than relying on automated systems that lock clients down to a single set of “tickbox” options. Concrete examples include:

  1. Taking the time to understand clients’ business and therefore requirements

  2. Interpreting these requirements to ensure clients always get the right service, at the right time, at the right price.

  3. Setting up recommended services quickly and making sure they work as expected.

  4. Enabling clients to easily make changes to the service over time as needed

  5. Helping clients evolve their suite of services over time to meet their emerging challenges

  6. Anticipating client needs and developing new solutions to suit

I360 believes personalised service leads to loyal relationships which in turn leads to better client outcomes. By developing these client relationships firms are better placed to support clients’ needs and outcomes over the long term.

In a post-Covid world personalised service and the long term relationships and the trust that result will be valued more and more.

What services does i360 Cloud Services offer?

- Cloud Phones

- Office 365 Management

- Cloud Backups

- Cyber Security

If you’d like to read more about the personalised service approach at i360 Cloud Services please visit:



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