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How cloud phones can improve client service?

Make it easy for clients to speak with you and your team

But what is a cloud phone system?

A cloud phone system replaces your old copper phone lines and physical phone system (PABX) with an Internet based service which includes phone lines and call costs plus the full PABX functions like transferring calls, hunt groups and digital menus all accessed via a web browser.

The cloud phone service makes it simple to ensure your business can communicate easily and cost effectively which ultimately leads to improved client service.

A high quality service retains existing clients and helps gain new ones.

How can using a cloud based telephone system help?

  1. No physical systems or copper cables means a reliable system – clients can always reach you

  2. Ability to transfer calls to colleagues means clients can be put through to someone who can help

  3. Your landline goes with you when you are on the road or working from home so you keep in contact with clients

  4. Virtually meet with clients using conference calls or video webmeetings that are secure and private

  5. Setup a Digital Reception Assistant to allow callers to key in numbers to route to different extensions for quick access to help

  6. Setup line hunts so different extensions ring when clients call to ensure a staff member picks up

  7. Create individual voicemails for each staff member so clients can leave messages directly for specific staff

  8. If clients want to fax you – no problem - receive faxes via the phone system as email messages

Along with improving client service, a cloud phone system also makes life easier for you.

Time saving features include:

  1. No need to rely on large old fashioned telcos like Telstra – we provide all phone lines and billing services

  2. You are not tied to your NBN provider – the phones can be used anywhere on any internet connection

  3. Make calls from your laptop using the desktop app or from your mobile phone using the mobile app

  4. Access a centralized company wide phone book of all the relevant phone numbers – suppliers, clients, staff extensions etc

If you are looking for ways to improve your client service and reduce your stress a cloud phone system can help.

Learn more at: i360 Cloud Phones


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