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What is Cloud AntiVirus?

Working in the cloud is now safer with Cloud AntiVirus

Traditional AntiVirus is software installed on your PC to protect the data and software living on your computer - but what is Cloud AntiVirus?

With so much of our software and data now living in the cloud (for example in Microsoft 365 email or OneDrive), Cloud based AntiVirus is needed to keep it all safe.

So how does it work?

Cloud AntiVirus (often referred to as Cloud Application Security) is a set of cyber security tools that are integrated into your cloud applications online. These cloud based security tools work alongside your cloud based software and files to intercept viruses and other malware online.

This means your data is protected in the Cloud well before your PC based security tools kick in when opening files or emails on your PC.

Examples of infection scenarios and methods of protection

Files can be infected on a person’s PC and then uploaded/synced into your OneDrive storage. When you then open it on your PC the virus can infect your PC to reveal private information, lock down your system or create a ransomware scenario. The Cloud AntiVirus will scan your files in OneDrive and quarantine the infected file/s before you have a chance to download it and open it on your PC.

Infected email attachments or links within the body of the email sent to your email address can be particularly dangerous. Cloud AntiVirus monitors your MS 365 mailbox and will block and quarantine identified threats before you access your email via the web or your PC.

The best cloud based AntiVirus even includes writing style analysis which scans emails for authorship identification. In other words the security tools can detect if an email purportedly being sent from a person you trust is actually being sent from a scammer based on the writing style used.

How do you get it setup?

Simple - Cloud based cyber security for MS Email and OneDrive is setup and configured by i360 on your behalf. There is no software to install or changes to your PC – it’s all cloud based!


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