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Cyber security when working from home

Keeping your computers and data secure in the new normal post-pandemic world.

Never in our history has the way we work changed so quickly like it has in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that for many businesses, remote work, mobile work, working from home has been the way to survive.

And while it was health and government restrictions that made the shift necessary, it’s brought to light the benefits of working from home. Better work/life balance, less stress from the daily commute, even monetary savings – less transport costs, lunches, takeaway coffees to name but a few.

As we head towards 2021, it’s unlikely that the typically workplace, work week we’ve come to know will ever be fully restored. Companies, large and small, are considering a more flexible working arrangement for their teams – adopting a climate where working remotely, even part of the time, will become the new normal.

Technologies to ensure working from home is secure and efficient


The benefits of working from home aside, business does need to ensure that security is considered an essential when allowing remote work. Our cyber security services for example protects devices like laptops and mobile phones, but also offers more advanced tools like a password manager. If no one knows the passwords, no one can inadvertently compromise your data.


Once the security is in place our Microsoft 365 service can provide all the best collaboration tools such as email, chat function and file sharing to ensure that efficiency is maintained – regardless of where your team members are working.


With shopfronts, offices and traditional places of business closed at times due to Covid-19 and restrictions, our seamless telephony cloud phone service has allowed businesses to take their landline extensions with them, on the move, using an app on their phone.

Beyond security, collaborative tools, and telephony services, we’ve seen a great uptake in other services including secure web-conferencing and back-up services to ensure that the new normal of working from home is secure, efficient and as stress-free as possible.

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