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Who’s got your back when it comes to cloud services?

Do you ever feel like companies offering cloud services are nothing more than websites with a buy now button? Their prices are great but how reliable are they, can you depend on them, do they have your back?

We’ve all been there when we discover the only line of communication provided is an email address – which takes 24 hours or more to be answered. And when it does, it’s not even helpful!

If Australian small businesses are going to bounce back after the tough year we’ve all had in 2020 then we need confidence in our business technologies which are now more and more in the cloud.

But how can we develop that confidence?

We believe finding a cloud service provider that has your back is the only way - providers need to be helping clients select the right cloud services, deploy them efficiently and provide very strong levels of support and personalised service. This will develop trust and trust develops confidence.

Unfortunately, most cloud providers seem to be focused on reducing their prices, growing their market share and providing as little direct support as possible.

At i360 Cloud Services we’ve built our business to be the opposite. We focus on providing personalised service and support to give our clients the confidence to adopt great cloud services - knowing that we are there for them throughout the time they use that service!

It gives us such a great sense of satisfaction to work with clients and help them adopt our suite of cloud services because we know how great they are to use and how much easier it makes life when the technology just works!

We even use all our services within the i360 business before we launch them so we know them inside out. This way we can best help clients adopt and use them. We also make sure all our services are run out of secure Australian data-centers to ensure compliance with our clients’ legislative and institutional responsibilities.

What really motivates us is seeing how using the right cloud service can help clients focus on what they are trying to achieve in their business rather then worrying about poorly performing technology getting in the way.

This means we actually spend time with clients directly, offering a personalised service to help them through the process of moving critical business systems from older technologies into the cloud.

One example is the business phone system. A client we recently helped adopt a cloud phone service was South Australian optometry practice Victor Eye Centre.

The practice had unreliable telephone services through their telco’s NBN service so we moved them onto our cloud phone service which completely bypassed the old telco and the associated poor service.

Victor Eye Centre has also adopted a number of i360’s other cloud-based services including cyber security and cloud data storage as well as using Habitat3’s private cloud hosting.

David Welch, Victor Eye Centre’s Director is now much happier, "We much prefer working with the guys at i360 rather than having to deal with the large Telco we used to. The personalised service and simple pricing is great while the functionality of the cloud based PBX provides us with all the features we could need. It's just easier and better."

So for 2021, as we gear up for the roaring 20s lets find services providers we can trust to support us and give us the confidence we need!



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