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When not knowing your password works best

According to recent research, the average person has between 70-80 passwords. Passwords are double edged swords. While they keep your data safe, but they’re also the biggest risk to your data.

Confused? Fair enough.

Using passwords to protect our data also opens us up to the risk of phishing – when you receive an official looking email that asks you to enter your password or your data will be exposed. Ironically, that’s where the problem lays – entering that password.

What’s the wrong solution?

The most common solution people and organisations adopt to try and protect themselves from phishing is to use more complicated passwords. Think capital letters, numbers, symbols, weird words. However, the complexity of the password is seldom the problem – it’s when the passwords are exposed. Password security is only as effective as the security of the password.

Two ways people compromise their own security:

1. We save the passwords in a browser to be automatically entered when a particular website is accessed.

2. We have employees leave an organisation with passwords in hand.

What’s the right solution?

So, what should we do? Here is where not knowing works best. If no one knows the passwords, then they can’t be compromised. How so?

At i360 Cloud we’ve developed a package which uses military-grade encryption which both generates and then stores all your passwords in a secure app which then auto-fills the correct password for each online service you use.

Business owners can log into the app to see which employees have used which passwords and how often they are doing so. Then, should an employee leave your company, you can highlight all the services they have ever accessed or even viewed while at your company and, with a single click, run a report to identify which passwords should be changed to prevent them from accessing them again.

This system also means is that no one in your company even knows the passwords. So how could they fall victim to a phishing scam if they don’t even know what password to enter?

If you’d like to know more about how the i360 password manager system can protect your data just get in touch on 1800 38 25 80.



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